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Are you ready for a career in Real Estate?  Looking to join an award winning real estate brokerage?  At Lasco Real Estate Group in Fenton & Birmingham, Michigan, we offer the latest technology and structure for agents to not only be competitive but succeed in the local market.  Contact us today to find out more about joining our real estate brokerage.  

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Real estate is a fantastic career choice for anyone who has the entrepreneurial skills to drive their own results and has a passion for working with others.  Most real estate agents work for brokerages as independent contractors and are essentially running their own business.  The part that sets an agent apart at Lasco Real Estate Group compared to other real estate firms and brokerages is the tools, training, leas, and technology we provide to our agents.   The Lasco Real Estate Group has multiple Michigan Real Estate Offices including Downtown Fenton, Michigan and Downtown Birmingham, Michigan.  These prime real estate office locations drive traffic for real estate listings and real estate buyers as well as provide a comfortable modern workspace for you to enjoy. 

When starting a real estate career will have the opportunity to live a unique lifestyle that most would describe as uncomparable to your standard salary or even commission job.  There will be times you are able to have a day on your own to do as you please when clients are already taken care of and you have the necessary deals lined up to produce the sales you need.  There will also be times where you can work a full week putting is as much effort as possible to maximize the sales opportunity.  

We look forward to talking to your about the amazing potential and opportunity available in our marketplace.